Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cut The Rope Original [Perfect 3-star Completion] for Om Nom (iPhone)

It's not hard to work out the reasons contributing to the acute wrist pain i am experiencing recently - one of which is my addiction to iPhone games (played BEFORE and AFTER office hours), especially during this super stressed period!

My recent purchase was this app titled "Cut The Rope" - thanks to Matthew!

The story began with a suspicious looking box that was dumped outside your door. Two things make it all the more mysterious; a hole that is big enough to put in your hand and a note with the words "feed with candy"!

Initially, the box was made of a low quality cardboard material but as you advance further into other episodes, there will be changes in material although this may not necessarily mean that the levels are harder.

By the way, the purpose of the game is to feed the green creature by the name of Om Nom.

Game play wise, it is simple; the sweet is usually hanging away from Om Nom and you are required to cut the rope (or string) attached to the sweet so that Om Nom can satisfy his hunger.

That is not too difficult except for one issue; it is strongly recommended to collect the three stars for each level. These three stars will determine if you are eligible to play later episodes.

To be honest, although the levels can be tricky, they are not as frustrating as Angry Birds. At times, i am surprised that a level can be cleared so easily despite the many hurdles on screen.

So what makes me so devoted to this game?

It's the super-duper adorable Om Nom! I have no idea what it is, could be a cross between a frog and an iguana, but who cares when he (or she) has such cute expressions!

Like this one when it is anticipating the sweet!

Or this anxious, panting look when the sweet was near yet far from his/her reach.

It will even signal to you that it needs to eat!

And give a disappointed, puppy-eyed look when the meal is lost.

Frankly, how not to love this green monster!?


Purchase the game (I bought it for US$0.99) via App Store or iTunes!

As expected, try to beat my record.

[*gosh, i must be really stressed*]


  1. I love Cut The Rope game and it is one of my favorite game. I ever play this game in my Phone. I had completed all stages and Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Haha, have you tried Cut The Ripe -Experiments yet?

    Om nom is back and this time, he is in a professor's house! :P


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