Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pulau Ubin Town - A Short Yet Nostalgic Walk

There are a number of reasons as to why i love to visit Pulau Ubin (island) and one of them is the walk down the main street of ubin town centre, which is on the left side beyond this welcome signboard.

Compared to a few years ago, the view from the jetty has beautified tremendously with developments that enhance instead of destroy the rural tranquility of this island.

This Muslim coffeeshop holds great memories for me! Fourteen years ago, my friends and i will cycle to this place for lunch everyday for four days. We got so sick of their nasi padang but it offers the cheapest food.

The town is like a time tunnel; transporting me back to the early 1980s when such layout and architecture are common in many village centres.

A typical two-storey shophouse in many villages back then; the owner lived on the second floor while managing his/her business on the ground level. As a child, i have always thought it is so cool to live in such a building!

Cycling is the main mode of transportation within Pulau Ubin and therefore, bike rental shops constitute the biggest majority of businesses on the island.

As with globalisation, consumers benefit from the intense competition with lower rental price. Do note that cheap is not necessarily good and it might be worth your safety to test the bike first.

Such fanciful facade is guaranteed to attract a second look.

Likely owned by the Nature Society (Singapore), this structure does not appear to be 'live-able' and its message is clear; be considerate to the nature.

Although i know the existence of this Tua Pek Kong temple since the very beginning, i have never once stepped foot into its compound. With so many places to visit outside the town centre, i would prefer to visit the Thai temple (which is no longer around) a few kilometers away.

This is one of the only two freestanding wayang stages in the whole of Singapore! Unlike the one at Balestier, this looks like it has not hosted a Chinese opera for a long time. Not surprisingly since there are only around a hundred villagers residing on the island.

A provision shop that is really helpful in stocking up on essential items (like instant noodles) if you are thinking of camping at any of the three beaches on the island. The tins of biscuits are common displays in many such shops in the past.

Just a panoramic picture that i have not posted for quite some time; the big clearing is a good place for people-watching as the provision shop (the one with umbrella shelters) sells thirst quenching coconuts with available seating.

Time to stroll back to the jetty and take in the kampong sunset view.

The S$2.50 you pay for a ferry ride to Ubin Island (Pulau is Malay for Island) is one-way. To go back, you have to make payment again!

I love satellite pictures! This shall give you a rough gauge of the size of this 'town' and the distance from jetty to the clearing.

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