Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nostalgic Moment - Nintendo Game Catridges

Fragments of childhood memories flashed through my brain when i found this piece of plastic in a shop at Pengerang. Since the entry of compact discs, this type of 8-bit cartridges has rarely been seen in public!

Boys my generation should have no difficulty in recollecting the frustration whenever the game console could not read the cartridge. Methods used to improve the 'readability' include blowing the chip, shaking the cartridge and finally, throwing in the towel and select another game to play.

These are not the Nintendo cartridges that we have such fond memories of. They looked similar but actually belong to a game console called Super Game from China which is readily available in the market.

Let me get my hands on the console so i can reminisce on classic favourites like Twin Bee, Ice Climber, Balloon Fight etc.

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