Sunday, November 27, 2011

Artichoke Cafe + Bar @ Sculpture Square near Bugis (Corner of Waterlook & Middle Road)

Sinfully rich desserts were on our minds when we exited from a divine meal (note: shake aburi maki) at the standing sushi bar!

It's unanimous we didn't want desserts from a typical coffee parlour like the nearby Coffee Club and it was fate that eventually brought us to Artichoke at Sculpture Square.

Serving the not-commonly-seen-in-Singapore Moorish cuisine, i totally dig Artichoke's decor; free will with no strict rule that every table, every chair has to be of the same design.

Even the white walls are replaced with blackboards and their purpose is clear - additional writing space for stuff like special dishes not on the menu, their food philosophies etc.

Menu was given but we did not fully utilise it! Those special items on the blackboards seem more interesting and after a lot of deliberation, only one dish was from the menu.

Homemade Baklava
Let me give you the layman term; nuts-filled pastry with a scoop of ice cream. To Cavin, ingredients are useless if i could not accept the taste.

The taste of the pastry was almost like a less compacted Chinese peanut candy albeit with a spicy aftertaste to match its Arabic origin. The gelato had an appetising salty sensation to it although i don't remember any trace of orange blossom as mentioned on the menu.

Brownie with Mascarpone
I wouldn't know what a mascarpone is even if it slaps me across my face. But thanks to google and subsequently wikipedia, it is actually "Italian cheese made from cream, coagulated with citric acid or acetic acid".

This vanilla bean mascarpone topping is perfect for the super moist brownie that sat on a comfortable layer of melted valrhona dark chocolate! And no brownie lovers can fight the temptation of brain shaped fresh walnuts sprinkled outside AND to find whole hazelnuts hidden inside the brownie!

Looking back, this has to be the best of all brownies i ever have.

(feeds 2-3 pax)
As taken from the blackboard, this is greek style baked mac and cheese with oxtail sauce, kasseri cheese, white truffle oil and rocket (arugula).

I have never known anything with macaroni to taste so rich - no doubt the magic of oxtail sauce mixed with white truffle oil.

And the generous amount of tender oxtail left a deep impression on me - how could something that sound so disgusting taste so good? Wait, smelly tofu is delicious!

Overall, this was..... so fulfilling and i basically threw away my mission that day; which was to cut down on heavy main meals after 6pm! And this was after a light dinner at standing sushi bar!


161 Middle Road (within Sculpture Square, which is beside Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, NAFA)

As taken from the name card.


Homemade Baklava - S$15.00
Brownie with Mascarpone - S$10.00
Pastitsio - S$38.00

Subject to Service Charge only.

Additional Information
Should you prefer the great outdoors for a more artsy fartsy ambience (not for those with night blindness), you may wish to note that an outside area with standing fans is available.

Please visit for other basic information (opening hours etc).

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