Tuesday, November 01, 2011

100 Grams Choco Lamb Burger @ De Burg (Ghim Moh Block 10)

It took me more than seven months to revisit this food stall at Ghim Moh. This is unacceptable given my damn fantastic review on their De Burg Decadence!

To redeem myself, please note that i do dream about that delicious burger sometimes. Not all the time though as i do have a lot of unsatisfied cravings like Ippudo ramen, nutella ice cream, claypot crab bee hoon and many many more.

Since Kon had in mind the decadence, i decided to try something that sounded weird to most of us; Choco Lamb Burger.

This one-in-a-kind combination was rightfully described as possibly the 1st in the world and i guess it may not easily gain acceptance from the general burger community.

At 100g, this is a baby when compare to the gigantic decadence! A 200-gram burger is available but i figured that despite the favourable comments by fellow reviewers, it's always better to play safe.

For those who are wondering what the choco spread on the heel bun actually is, it is nutella! *happy*. So what do you think of this mix; soft gamey lamb patty plus sinfully sweet nutella as a burger?

Truth is: i love it more than de burg decadence! I found it amazing that my taste buds could barely notice the nutella yet it managed to enhance the lamb patty to an unprecedented level of tastiness.

I could not get enough of it and hereby, i am reminding myself in this blog that i die-die must have the 200g lamb choco burger the next time i am at De Burg.


Block 10,
Ghim Moh Road,

Look above.

And look out for this block.

Opening Hours
Please note this information! We reached at around 4pm on a weekend thinking it was open throughout the day and had to wait for 2.5 hours!

S$9.95 for a 100g Lamb Choco Burger

Additional Information
For my first post on De Burg, please click HERE

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