Saturday, September 17, 2011

Philippine Food @ 7,107 Flavours Philippine Cuisine, Culture and Travel (Marina Square), Singapore

After that wonderful virgin experience with Philippines cuisine in a food court, i have been wanting to try other types of Philippines food.

That chance came recently with the Teo family, sans my dad whose attitude towards food has always been "no deep fried, no bbq and must be cheap".

7,107 flavours - a name that evoked tastes beyond imagination. Could you even pick out 20 different flavours at this moment? I could barely manage 10!

One benefit of taking leave on a weekday is that restaurants commonly offer set lunches at a fraction of its usual price and my family simply love any stuff that is good value for money.

Golden Pork Chop Set
Essentially a piece of deep fried pork chop drenched with a concoction of sweet and sour sauce. You will be excused to think that this seems pretty familiar.

Picadillo Set
Sauteed minced pork - it had a greater intensity of flavour that deviates from the typical Chinese minced pork found at mixed vegetables rice stall.

Tangigue Special Set
Mom's order since she is a great fish fan; fishes for consumption that is. Nothing's special about it though as i had come across fish with black bean sauce that was better.

Beef Steak Tagolog Set
Slices of tenderly soft tenderloin cooked in a style i personally disagreed. Grilled should be the way but it's the choice for Joyce.

Set Accessories
Soup - Sour and gave the impression that it is almost Thai tomyam soup although not as numbing. Sadly, none of my family members actually enjoyed this.

Ice Cream - Two of the set lunches included desserts and yam ice cream was chosen as it is more Asiatic than vanilla and chocolate. It was quite good with a richer yet natural yam taste when compared to many other lackluster ice cream given for set meals.

Caramel Custard - One of the other desserts selected. How could i resist not having this? Solid, cheese-like texture with a splash of sinful caramel dressing that was the most appropriate to conclude a meal.

Pinoy Pork Barbeque
Having had the best piece of BBQ pork at the Philippine food stall at Harbourfront, i was expecting something similar or even better coming from this pinoy restaurant.

Granted it had a strong BBQ flavour but the pork used was too lean and the marination too thin to make a big impact for my review. Disappointment would be how to describe it although i have to add that i have always preferred a sweeter taste when it comes to BBQ.

If you are into pure bbq meat, this might just be the thing for you.


We might have ordered the wrong food (too similar to Chinese food that i am well accustomed to); hence a review that doesn't sound too appealing. I was talking to a Philippine colleague of my friend who said 7,107 Flavours actually served very authentic Philippine cuisine.

Oh well, my next stop shall be the Philippine food stall at the youth park opposite *SCAPE!

6, Raffles Boulevard,
#02-02, Marina Square

It's not easy to find this place so you might find this map useful. From Marina Square main entrance (connected to Citylink), go up a floor, turn left towards the escalator leading to Esplanade Mrt Station. There are a few glass doors along the way that open up to an open space.

7,107 flavours is around there.

I didn't take the receipt from my sister who paid for the meal!! Generally the set lunches range from around S$10 to S$16. Pinoy Pork Barbeque is S$14.50. I would not be surprised to find service charge and GST added to the bill.

Additional Information
For more information on 7,107 Flavours,

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