Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Demise of The iPhone

I have already come out with the topic of today's post - The Invasion of the Bulldog-Cheeks Baby. Unfortunately, i don't have the luxury of time today to run through hundreds of Jovyn's pictures!

My iPhone has finally died after an extended period of abuse that started right after the three-month honeymoon. Initially, i thought it only needed a customary iTunes restoration but i kept getting error messages of numerous code (20, 1600 etc etc).

I rectified one code only to get another.
It's almost like a chain reaction.

Precious time was nonetheless wasted in checking out the world wide web for remedies; DFU mode, tinyumbrella, removing host files, reverting back to previous versions, breaking apart the iPhone etc etc etc.

Why did i waste so much time when i could have easily sent it for servicing? Because i am trying to save money and i do know that a lot of things can be done for cheaper if you search on the web (an example here).

Another factor could be my absolute reliance on iPhone. This multimedia device is my source of information, music, videos, games, connections and i cannot imagine my life without it for even a single day!

As you might have noticed, i failed miserably.

In the meantime, Joyce had kindly passed me a Samsung phone for temporary use although with such a small screen, i guess i will use it for what mobile phones are really made for; communication.

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