Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Campbell's Mushroom Soup - Cavin's Preferred Cooking Style

Since mom has been stationed permanently at my sister's place, the issue on dinner becomes a major problem for my family, especially me. I might be a person who eats a lot but when it comes to actual cooking, i am totally, utterly useless.

Thank god for the invention of canned food or else i believe i can literally fatten myself with a pack of roasted chicken rice from Eng Kee every single night!

Cooking a bowl of mushroom soup is as easy as ABC with Campbell's canned soups. Although it might look disgusting like a dollop of solidified vomit now, the end product is both palatable and aromatic.

It's never enough to just have the soup with that few pieces of pathetic mushroom bits! Buy a box of fresh white button mushrooms to add the freshness to an otherwise, pretty unhealthy meal.

Slice them whatever way you prefer. My preference is as above. According to the experienced mummy, wash the mushroom carefully as they might contain surface area pesticide powder that will no doubt be harmful to health in the long run.

When that pile of vomit has disintegrated, you may add in the squeaky clean mushrooms. The soup might seemed as if it's not sufficient to accommodate the mushrooms but do give it time, they will eventually shrivelled.

If you think i would only include mushrooms, you are dead wrong! I love my soup to be full of rich ingredients! A few live prawns plus a hotdog sausage from valley chef should be enough. I would also advise a stick (or two) of baby corns if they are available in the supermarket.

Dump them into that pot of boiling creamy broth! A sacrificial ritual or prayer is necessary for those who feel extremely guilty for this level of decadence.

Oh-La-La! Ready to be served! To ensure a thick consistency, the right ratio of water is of utmost importance. The best thing about canned food? Taste is consistent and they usually taste pretty delicious.

Each scoop is guaranteed to have more than just liquid! For Cavin's cooking style of course! Well, the broth actually had a slightly more seafood flavour that didn't taste as fantastic as the clam chowder soup Campbell has.

Nothing's better than finishing the soup with a few mugs of ice-cold root beer; the nectar from heaven! It should be a satisfying concluding 'meal' except that i had a serious bout of diarrhea a few hours later.

The culprit must have been the root beer!

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