Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunset @ Upper Seletar Reservoir

After that gruelling, torturous two-hour walk along Mandai Road, i took bus number 138 back to the starting point where i parked my car - a small parking area near Upper Seletar Reservoir (the one with the rocket-shaped tower).

That huge ball of fire we know affectionately as the sun (or tai yang gong gong) was like me; dead tired and aching to settle down for a good rest. It was pulling a blanket slowly and gently over this little red dot that most people seem to take for granted.

Like them, I could have driven off and relaxed in that air-conditioned metal enclosure but i was stopped abruptly by the beautiful sight across the reservoir.

The sunset was dazzling and for that moment, i slowed down my impatient self and sat quietly right opposite this postcard quality view that transformed almost everything into basic silhouettes.

Life can be so beautiful...

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