Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mee Rebus and Mee Siam @ Goody 'N' Jolly - Parkway Parade (Treats)

Mention food in parkway parade to any person who frequents this shopping centre and you would likely get a response that includes the mee rebus located at basement 1.

I am no stranger to this particular stall and vividly remember its original location at the side of the food court. According to my memory, the big serving was super worth it at that very comfortable pricing.

Back then, i wasn't such a glutton and taste was at most one of the side factors for food consideration. Most importantly were the price and the amount of food for a growing boy man.

*i need to add that price is still an important component for me!*

Due to the heavy burden on the credit card statements for the next few months, the Gang of Four decided to patronise this stall and for me to officially review the food. 

Mee Rebus
Sufficient for two normal-sized persons, i did attempt a few times when i was working in Pet Lovers Centre but have never succeeded in cleaning up the whole plate!

It was infused with a strong curry flavour that wasn't exactly nostalgic. Judging from the thick gravy with chunks bean sprouts and shallots, this came as a surprise.

Something was lacking that day like a certain Southeast Asian flavouring but elderly me could not figure what it really is.

Though the Gang was famished at that time, we could barely finish half of what's given.

Mee Siam
This is one dish i know for sure that i have an allergy too; I would either run a temperature or keep having the runs the next day. The itchy mouth, unfortunately, always have the upper hand when it comes to eating.

Damn sourish hot! Beads of sweat continually oozed out from my scalp and i could feel my unkempt hair getting all wet and sticky! It can only be summarised with one word - SHIOK!

It was not the typical sweet mee siam that i am more accustomed to, yet i could not resist the repetitive action of scooping up spoonful after spoonful of that delish gravy and gravy coated mee hoon.

Expectedly, the toilet was my favourite space the very next day.


80 Marine Parade Road,
#B1-113 Parkway Parade Shopping Centre
(Treats Food Court)

Mee Rebus - S$4
Mee Siam - S$4


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    They have closed their stall over there. Any idea where they move to?

  2. they have closed their stall!? Hm.... i would have to pay it a visit to know if they have moved or close for good.

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Hi I would also like to knoe where they are? The treats food court at parkway basement is only reopening in November but read on a forum that many stalls may not renew their license...

  4. Hi! I have not been there for quite a while although i can check with my colleague who works at parkway parade...

  5. hi. Marine Parade has revamped their B1 food court. It's Food Republic instead of TREATS now. All the good old food stalls are gone now :( The new food stores that invade Food Republic now are so medicore and overpriced!

    Good N Jolly is also gone. So sadz... can anyone tell me where they moved to??

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Is the the Mee Rebus that has a guy with VERY VERY thick applied foundation on his face and behave very sissy-ly?

    1. Haha, it is his own preference lah. Most importantly is whether you enjoy the food or not.


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