Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Low-Tide Preliminary Beach Walk (Off Sembawang Park)

My penchant for off beaten tracks is pretty well known with my friends - i am usually game for them so long i am not alone and the chance of meeting any serpent is very very low. 

Thus, when the opportunity struck after another filling meal at Buckaroo, i had to grab it before our lazy Alex regretted agreeing to my suggestion to have a digestive leisure walk along a beach right outside Bottle Tree Village (Sembawang).

A communication tower is built besides the commercial village. Strangely, i don't remember seeing such a tall structure from the more crowded Sembawang Beach a mere seven hundred meters away. Maybe it's a matter of memory lapse.

Ships docked at the nearby Sembawang Shipyard can be seen though. Though not as accessible as the nearby Sembawang fishing jetty, anglers looking for some peace and quiet will definitely enjoy this area.

Numerous drain-like structures dot the beach. My imaginative mind was then wondering if there was ever an incident where a corpse (facing up with eyes wide open) came floating out the drain! Wahaha, i can never explore this area at night.

The Bottle Tree Village side. It's actually a very nice place to have a BBQ session with my friends. Due to the impending sunset, this side appeared brighter than the other.

Exposed sand bed as a result of the low tide. I would have loved to check out the area more intensively if not for the waves that seemed to get taller and stronger.

Another visit is necessary to see what will become of this pile of sand when it's high tide. Is it a natural occurrence or man made?

A basic filtration system is in play here to prevent rubbish from flowing out into the sea. Having said that, inconsiderate beachgoers do not display such TLC (tender loving care) to the nature.

Low tide commonly exposes fascinating nature at work. The ecosystem here is not as vibrant as Chek Jawa but you can still see little crabs scrambling to dig hiding holes when humans approached.

With a tide that was slowly rolling in, an angler decided to switch from the sand bed to the more solid bricks foundation.

Silhouette of a pair of father-son anglers. Even if the high tide is in full operation, i think the water level is still at a comfortable waist level for this pair. Awwww... I miss swimming in seawater!

Totally love this picture for the sky that showed a gradual blue hue. We decided to terminate the walk as it was getting dark and we did manage to work out a sticky sweat! Would not want to risk bumping into the rumoured hantus!


Red Border!

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