Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kim Choo Nonya Kueh (金珠娘惹糕) - Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿) & Kau Ding Kueh (九层糕)

Nearing the dumpling festival (端午节 or 粽子节), it is common to see a larger crowd at places that sell these time-consuming, difficult-to-make products; rice dumplings.

No no no, today's not the time for an elaboration on these carbo-laden snacks. Or meals depending on individuals - there are people who eat only these for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Today, let's touch on Kim Choo, a food outlet that sells heritage snacks/desserts found only in Singapore and Malaysia; Nonya Kueh.

To tell you the truth, i have a bit of difficulty when it comes to differentiate some Nonya kuehs from Chinese kuehs.

Most of the times, you tend to get a mixed variety in many stalls and this is not exactly a bad thing since it makes good business sense to sell food that are popular with the masses.

I am not going to bore you further on the differences for each style. Please visit wikipedia at

Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿)
Each ang ku kueh felt pudgy and heavy on my palm with an attractive colour that glistened under the sunlight. I could not wait to pop one right into my mouth!

The softness was evident but the supposedly sweet mung bean paste tasted a bit bland. Before i could start my barrage of complaints to my sister, the sweetness slowly seeped out as i chewed on. Yes, my friend, i do chew my food.

I did enjoy these reddish desserts although my favourite still comes from this small little stall in Broadway Food Centre.

Kau Ding Kueh (九层糕)
This is something i really like as a kid!

The sensation of slowly peeling and eating each layer of "skin" is akin to some violent cannibalistic inclination towards your enemies. It did help to relieve some stress on a particularly bad day for a child.

Nine-layer kueh (direct translation) sold in many places are brightly coloured but here in Kim Choo, they had a weird darker tinge - Mummy suspected it could be the use of brown sugar.

The taste wasn't compromised though as they were not overly sweet (like many others) and gave a subtle pandan fragrance. A tad too oily even though i have to conclude that they were still sedap (delicious).


109, East Coast Road

Ang Ku Kueh (紅龜粿)
S$7 for 10 in a plastic box

Kau Ding Kueh (九层糕)
S$2.50 for 4 in a plastic box

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