Saturday, June 25, 2011

Forgotten - Dumped At One Corner

While clearing my room for my first paint job, i chanced upon a dust covered box right next to the vacuum cleaner.

Sighs... Mum loves to collect empty boxes, especially gift boxes with exquisite designs that are frequently introduced by retailers during festive seasons like mooncake festival, Chinese New Year etc

I was about to dump it into the "trash" section without her knowledge (she would have fervently protected this box with her life if she has gotten wind of my action) when my right wrist felt a heavy downward force!

Great! Maybe some useless pans, plates or bowls that shall add to the thousands the Teo family kept in the kitchen and the storeroom. Housewives have that insatiable tendency to buy loads of kitchen appliances!

My eyes glimmered with excitement (and to a lesser extent, cravings) when i fully opened the festive box embossed with the word "Skylight" - a brand synonymous with abalone.

Six cans of premium products and i counted favourites like bird's nest, clams and braised sharkfin! And why the heck are they kept in my bedroom?!

The reason must be simple - to protect them from my younger sister....

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