Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Total Destruction (Three Stars) for Easter Eggs @ Angry Birds Seasons

Given my continual obsession with Angry Birds, my mind has taken a controlling stake in overwriting any sleepy sensation in order to complete the most recent Easter Eggs episode for Angry Birds Seasons.

I had to get that remaining one star and repetitive index finger movement is necessary!

Having said this, the Christmas episode is too difficult and i am practically giving it a miss - My greatest regret in life; in addition to not bringing my dad to Universal Studios Singapore.

After a cumulative five hours (or was it six?), i finally managed to get this Easter egg in its glowing glory.

Total destruction - three stars in all levels! The sentence i look forward to in every Angry Birds games!

The final stage! Yooohooo!

Curiousity for how the last stage will look like is always on my mind. And for those who are still stuck at 1-15? Neh neh neh neh!!

By the way, when is Angry Birds - Rio launching the May episode?!? It's already four days past May!


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