Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seoul Yummy (Korean Food) @ Square 2, Singapore

Square 2 was touted to be the place for anything "Korean" with the opening of a few Korean restaurants, supermarket, beauty shops and even a shop selling the traditional Korean dress; hanbok.

And the Korean theme was exactly the reason for attracting me to this place; a supposedly extension (it's not) to the Novena Square.

Seoul Yummy, as the name implies, is a Korean restaurant that enticed me to give it a go with some pretty worth-it promotions a few years back! My defence for not blogging this earlier was that i was too lazy and by the time i decided to post it, a year has passed!

This time round, i was shopping for shoes with my mom at the Adidas shop and as usual, the heavenly smell of stone-cooked bulgogi beef was just too irresistible! After checking out the menu outside the restaurant, we decided on the special set for two.

Side Dishes
Piece of advice; never order too much food in a Korean restaurant! Hm.... or you can try not eating too many side dishes before the grand arrival of the main dish!

With appetising side dishes that can usually be replenished, i had seen how Alex was almost full just by gorging himself with them.

In Seoul Yummy, i especially enjoyed these peanuts. They were in a semi-solid state that seemed to have gone through very slight stir frying. I could be wrong but nonetheless, even my mom liked it!

Hotpot Korean Bean Paste Soup
Mom thought this was too bland whereas i preferred to term it as simple without any complicated, overpowering flavour. Stirring is recommended since the taste became better halfway through the slurping!

Hotplate Grilled Salmon
Fresh grilled salmon is always good so long freshness is not compromised (gosh, i have said this so many times)! In addition, it's difficult to lock in the omega-3 which dries up fast when grilled.

Luckily, Seoul Yummy was smart enough to include the savory teriyaki sauce on top of the salmon!

Beef Bibimbap
Korean stone pot rice is my first Korean dish! The influence was so great, the healthy looking bibimbap used to be my measuring tape for the delicious factor for every Korean restaurant i patronised.

Now, i have many other Korean dishes to use as a gauge but bibimbap remains the top choice for my first order unless there are alternatives recommended by other reviewers on the internet.

Making a mess is necessary to fully savour this dish! And it's as simple as putting in the sauce and mix whatever that is in that hot stone pot.

The sizzling sound is an appetite enhancer and also a hint that the rice is getting burnt!!!! For me, crunchier bite is always favoured! This preference will change (definitely) when my teeth start to lose their enamel touch... :(

An empty pot is a truthful testament to how i view this dish in Seoul Yummy.


Shall be back to Seoul Yummy; as always despite some negative reviews.

10, Sinaran Drive,
#03-69, Novena Square 2

Connected to Novena MRT Station

Special Set - S$40.00
Inclusive of 7% GST and 10% Service Charge

Refillable Barley Tea is included in the price.

Additional Information
The dining area is a new annex to the existing restaurant just a meter or two away! Finding a seat is seriously not difficult.

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