Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LAN Gaming @ Colosseum Tornado

I am not a gamer.

In fact, my online gaming dexterity is bad enough to be always ranked last in games like counterstrike! Therefore, i used to cringe whenever my game-crazy friends suggested going to those LAN shops.

Not anymore! At least not since the launch of this game called Left4Dead [of course, we all know that there is a Left4Dead 2 (L4D2) now]!

Well, to set the record straight, this is the ONLY game i am usually not rank last; the truth that they have ranking for various categories is beside the point!

After trying quite a few LAN shops with crappy system, small monitor, uncomfortable seat, unresponsive optical mouse and/or lousy graphic cards, i (or should i say Mr Kon) finally found one that is, so far, the best in Singapore.

Yes, it is the Colosseum Tornado at Illuma Shopping Centre (Bugis)! But why do we tag "the best" for this place???

1) Full leather seat that doesn't restrict your movement and yet is comfortable for a little nap while you are dead (in the game).

2) It's a big venue with over two hundred computer terminals! Playing in a small area can be really embarrassing when you need help from friends (in the game) and shouting is at times, the only way to get your message across.

3) Huge ass LCD screen that stretches your peripheral vision! It's because of this monitor screen that i finally decided to buy a 22" LCD monitor!

4) They use Razor mouse!!!! That's like the best brand for gamers! Krait may not have a lot of fancy functions but it is still much better than many others in the market.

There are other reasons like the use of private rooms, great computer systems with high-end graphic cards and economical rate (i thought it's a steal for such premium location)!

Its close proximity to Bugis with so much good food is a big big bonus!

Know why i blog about this? Because it's been a long time since i last played L4D2 in Tornado!! Who is game to join me anytime?!

I need to destress!!!


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    why is the screenshot of the infected killed showing the Great Kon as being ranked 3rd? i understand that he is really really awesome in this game and being 3rd is definitely a no-no.

    From someone who does not know the Great Kon but understands that he is awesome and should not be ranked 3rd.

  2. hahaahaha, beats me!

    The best part is he was at the same placing as Ms SaNeVa.

    Okay lah, maybe he got the highest number of headshots?


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