Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉) @ Amoy Street Hawker Centre

Chee Cheong Fun
@ Amoy Street Hawker Centre

The two sisters are adamant that the chee cheong fun in Amoy Street Food Centre is way better than my favourite one in Yishun! And i finally had a chance to try it!!

So what about this chee cheong fun from Amoy that make both sisters declare their absolute loyalty? 

For one, it had a stronger tasting sauce that was indeed different from the typical sweet sauce. However, it was also more oily (even for me), leaving an aftertaste i personally dislike.

Turns out the sisters love chee cheong fun that is less sweet whereas i have always had a sweet tooth and definitely prefer the sweeter version from yishun!

Furthermore, instead of having nuggets-like rice flour that made eating this dish much easier, this chee cheong fun in Amoy was comparable to eating noodles; the broad based type we Singaporeans know as guo tiao!  


Stall 01-30, Amoy Street Food Centre,
No 7, Maxwell Road 

Only S$1.20 per plate, which was really cheap!!! That's another reason why the sisters love this dish. 

They are both suckers for good deals.

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