Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Steamboat (Again) @ House of Steamboat (火锅之家)

Without regurgitating what i wrote in my past three entries on the steamboat restaurants in Bugis (aka Liang Seah street area), my latest experience told me i have finally found a winner at House of Steamboat!

For one, service was great and unlike my first visit, the establishment was really packed at 7.30pm! 

That was a great contrast from the half filled restaurant throughout my duration for the first visit!  

The flavourful soup was a base for all your ingredients. Therefore, to be able to enjoy the best experience, soup is important!

Don't the drumlets look familiar?! First posted in HERE, the additional items were the deep fried scallops!

Unexpectedly, i love the curry puffs!!

See how thin the crispy crust was! And the curry potatoes within were delicious and not overly spicy!!

As opposed to other steamboat restaurants, most (if not all) meat ingredients were not frozen! Frozen meat is always a pain in the ass for cooking, especially in times of extreme hunger!

A plate of mixed stuff with cute fish cakes! It's little things like these that set the eatery apart from the others!

I love steamboat buffets that come with free drinks at no additional cost!!!

Ice cream with waffle cone to conclude the meal! And it made me damn full!!! 


For my original post on House of Steamboat, please click here. For Xian De Lai Steamboat, please click here. For Zhong Hua Steamboat, please click here.

7, Tan Quee Lan Street.
Opposite to Bugis Junction and,
Parallel to the famous Liang Seah Street

S$15.80 nett per person for lunch.
S$18.80 nett per person for dinner.

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