Saturday, June 05, 2010

Yam Paste (芋泥) @ Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant (茂兴潮洲时菜大饭店)

I don't know about you guys (and gals) but i used to hate the teochew yam paste!

The smell did not even attempt to entice me to try even a teeny weeny bite and its outlook was pretty disgusting (you don't need an elaboration on that)!

Since the traditional teochew yam paste was a standard dessert fare for most wedding dinners i attended as a child, i came to the realisation that only adults love it (especially the elderly).

Kids my generation love cold desserts (ice cream, almond jelly etc) and yam paste (unfortunately) has to be served steaming hot!

My aversion to yam paste stopped abruptly when i attended a cousin's wedding at Mong Hing Teochew Restaurant roughly ten years back.

The yam paste was so so delicious, i no longer scorned the appearance of this dish at any event!! In fact, i even have craving for it!

The paste was smooth, soft yet sticky and without the pre-assumed tardiness i expected from yam! The sweet potatoes added to the sweetness of this dish and the gingko nuts..... well, no idea what special abilities it has in adding to the taste but at least i know it's healthy; good for the memory!

Just a few hours ago, I was once again at Mong Hing (seriously, they have the best yam paste so far), thanks to Alex who was craving for the yam paste. 

In view of our past experiences with Mong Hing (where the portions were really little), a large serving was ordered.


As our stomachs were too full, we only managed to clean it up, perpetually licking it clean, after much effort (scissors-paper-stone)!!!

There goes another intending-to-reduce-my-calories day!!


371, Beach Road,
Key Point, #01-18/19
(opposite Concourse and in between Bugis and Lavender) 

S$26.00 for a large portion

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