Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Murtabak @ Singapore Zam Zam (North Bridge Road near Sultan Mosque)

Singapore Zam Zam was supposedly featured in many travel books as the place to go in Singapore for Muslim Indian fare. I had no idea of the aforementioned fact until Mr Kon told me!!

The Kon-Tan couple were not satisfied when they had lunch at the same place in the afternoon. They endeavored to try the murtabak after seeing so many orders of it at other tables. But they didn't expect the chance to come so fast, within half a day!!

Chicken Murtabak
I can only said that the chicken murtabak was so delicious, i regretted ordering mee goreng! Okay, maybe most murtabaks taste like this but hey, my last (and first) murtabak was so horrible i wrote it off my to-eat list!

The murtabak in Zam Zam was full of moist meat that complemented very well with the onions, eggs and a thin layer of prata! And at S$5.00, it was a non touristy pricing!  

Mee Goreng

Luckily the cucumber with tomato sauce gave some flavour to this otherwise pretty bland dish. Give me the mee goreng from Seah Im Hawker Centre!!!


697 North Bridge Road

Across the street is one of the oldest mosque in Singapore; Masjid Sultan!

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