Sunday, April 04, 2010

Luxury Dog Houses (Random)

European-Style housing with a television, air conditioning, garden and picket fence.......

My gosh, this is the dream house for my dear Rubee lor!

With that in mind, it's time i get my butt going and search around for the perfect accommdation for Rubee. A google search revealed a number of sources, most notably of this company called "La Petite Maison".

Initially, its main focus was on custom made playhouses for young children. Now it has extended to building luxury doghouses too.

A few questions ran through my mind.

Should i have the Mediterranean-style?

Or maybe a lazy pool for my pooch?

Given Rubee's age, he needs something more elderly friendly too!


I miss a very important point (VIP).

If i remember correctly, i live in a HDB flat with no garden.
Oh, and i don't have US$20,000!

It seems that Rubee loves the rags anyway.
*a valid excuse*

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