Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snacking (Brother Rojak, Tan's Tutu Cakes, Yue Yi Tai Shan Popiah) @ Block 449, Clementi Town

Main Objective
To try the famous rojak by the two brothers.

Today, i am going to give my own opinion of this apparently very famous rojak in Clementi; see the many accolades pasted!!

Everytime i was there, a queue was guaranteed. Today is no different from the other days although the queue cleared up pretty fast.

My review?

Maybe i bought the wrong type of rojak. Comprised of only you tiao and tau pok (plus a century egg), it was not mixed the typical way. Instead, they were just drenched with the prawn paste and sprinkled with peanuts.

That's too easy!!
Without hard work, nothing tastes fabulous!!
*Cavin's Philosophy*
influenced by Kon

Okay, maybe not. I find the sauce a little bit too salty and lacked the usually sweet-salty taste. The you tiao and tau pok were also too not crunchy enough (our fault because we ate it quite some time later).

Nonetheless, we shall come again for the normal rojak, mixed the usual way (with the delicious century egg). Hopefully by then, i will be convinced of its popularity.

Secondary Objectives

The two stalls nearby had queues too; Tu Tu Coconut Cakes and Popiah! Since we were not having any big item meals, might as well right?

Firstly, on the tu tu cakes.

The cool and wet weather recently must have driven the sales pretty high!

Generously filled with either grated coconuts or grounded peanuts, the freshly made tutu cakes were such stomach warmers!!

They were so marvelous we almost ordered a few more! Unfortunately, by the time we decided, there were a queue of around 6-8 people.

Time is precious.

Lastly, on the popiah.

My first vegetarian popiah with no meat, the first ingredient reaching your taste buds should be garlic. Without that, the popiah will be tasteless (definitely not a good thing). 

For non-chilli takers, kindly note that the chilli in their popiah was f*cking spicy!!!

The stall has a tiger for a boss (fierce)!! Don't get on her nerves okay? Smile even when she scolds you. If she continues, block your ears.


Block 449, #01-211, Clementi Avenue 3

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