Monday, March 01, 2010

New Snack for Watching Movies in the Cinema

Alex taught me something new today.

In cinema theatres, it is very common to find patrons enjoying the hot, crunchy popcorns. Though irritating (especially when the movie has reached a silent yet intense frame. And then you hear a slow "crunccccch......."), it is indispensable for most of us when catching a show.

In recent years, nanchos drenched in bad bad cholesterol-laden cheese have gained popularity. Bad for us, the crunccccch remains.

A new variation by Alex proves to be quite delicious (a harmonious combination of crunchiness saltiness, sweetness and a tad of spiciness).

Not to keep you waiting, you will need the following:
One. Popcorns
Two. A Cup of Cheese (charge separately)

Directions of use:

Dip the popcorns in cheese.
That's IT!

So far, there's no diarrhea.
Safe for Consumption!
i think

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