Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Xin Heng Kee Chicken Rice (新兴记鸡鸭饭) @ Pek Kio Market and Food Centre

Awwwww, you are right!!
Another chicken rice review!

My first visit to Xin Heng Kee was coincidental.
I was supposed to try a bowl of a president-favourite (Singapore one lah) prawn noodle but was too late when i reached at 2pm; everything edible was cleaned out.

It didn't help my hunger (nor temper) that the lady boss was super insolent! Looking around the hawker centre with only a few stalls operating, i noticed the only stall with a queue.

The first visit was good but did not leave a very deep impression. With luck, i was invited to a Chinese New Year gathering very near to this hawker centre.

It's noon and my friend is no chef.

Second visit was met initially with a slow-moving queue (not surprisingly) though the face to face service by the lady boss was a stark contrast with the one next door (e president-favourite one lor).

Ordering half a chicken (mixed between roasted and steamed) for the three of us at a really cheap price (forgive me, age is catching up; i forgot the price i paid), the serving was way too much for us!!!!

Price aside, the most important factor is still the taste. Personally, i find the steamed chicken too fatty and would have preferred the roasted chicken. The roasted version looked really delicious but still lacked the infusion of a unique flavour that will make it stand out amongst its many competitors.


41A, Cambridge Road.
Pek Kio Market and Food Centre
Stall #01-14

Additional Information
There is a fruit stall directly opposite Xin Heng Kee that serves a pretty fierce Avocado Milk Shake!! 

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