Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring Festival (The Spring Cleaning)

Spring cleaning is part and parcel of Chinese New Year and in fact, is mandatory for most Chinese families with a fierce or nagging mother.

no, No, nO, NO! I am not complaining!! 

It is indeed a great time to tidy up the house a little bit, making it more welcoming to the visitors. You wouldn't want them to see a dirty pig sty with furniture that have a layer of dust (note, that picture is downloaded from HERE; it's not MY HOUSE!) .

Psst, tell you the truth, i loveeee spring cleaning (quite obvious from one post HERE)! There's always so many:

1) aww-ohh-ahh memories
(cards, presents, poems from ex(s) etc),  

2) lost items you can find
(my long lost blue boxer etc),  

3) things that surprise you
(i thought i had a full series for Crayon Shinchan etc)

The old time walkman (cassette player) and discman (music cd player). I love the brand Aiwa then! Its products were so durable!

My stash of pagers!!! These were the initial inexpensive trackers and portable communication devices 13-14 years back!

This was the catheter used on me when i was going through my medic course in my army days. Yes, practice made perfect.

A tube containing my blood. It was drawn during an annual test for the medics. I was selected for my noticeable and easily found veins. =_=

The already-phased-out weekend coupons that off peak cars can used. Gosh! I didn't know we spent so much on them! One piece cost S$20!!

My first encyclopedia! I learnt so much about a lot of things, including all the presidents from United States (till George Bush Sr)!

Lastly, it is the GREAT satisfaction that awaits you at the end of this chore.

The tidy TV console with a lot of barang barang behind the glasses ande full range of doraemon toys with the chinese horoscopes theme!

The neat 2 doors wardrobe with the same range of hangars!! My wish is to get a 4 doors wardobe this year. I don't have any more space!!! TOTO TOTO TOTO!

The very adorable book cases with my hello kitty collections. Hahaha. So cute!

My comic collections!

My personal space that had my last pack of ciggies, my collections of extracted teeth from my dental orderly days, my last pony tail etc etc etc

If only the tidiness will stay forever n ever.......

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