Monday, January 04, 2010

The Dream On Pigs

In case you are thinking of the freaking cute three little pigs, you are so so wrong.

Don't even think you are right if you are thinking of the "Terrific" Wilbur from Charlotte's Web.

Some of you might think it's related to food; the used-to-be-favourite suckling pig. Somewhere there but not exactly right!

It's something more sinister than the above; the only common trait they share with the one i had in my dream is their color. Pink... light pastel pink.

In this dream, i had a change of job. From a desk-bound job to a chef in a tze char stall. If you think "chef" is too grand, you can use cook. But i like to use the chef designation.

Sounds more high class.

Anyway, i don't know why but in my dream, i have to chop up this pig (whole) on a long alumunium table. Being a 'high class chef', the cleaver must be used professionally in order to achieve my aim.

Aim of this dream
Chop up the pig and arrange the parts according to the head, the ears, the ribs, the trotters, the intestines, the heart, the liver etc etc etc.

(As i am typing this, i am controlling the half-digested food in my stomach from spewing out)

Alas, i failed....................

I was thinking then; place this male pig (correct term: boar) with its back lying on the table, cut the skin from bottom-up, strip the layer of skin and proceed to chop up the parts.

To spare you from destroying your LCD screen, i am going to stop here. Message me for further details!! Wahahaha. You will also understand why i said the pig is male.

The finale of this dream?
It's impossible for me to continue this food preparation so i did what i know many people will do.

I ran up to my house (apparently the tze char stall is very near my house) and asked my mom for help. 

Mommy ALWAYS knows.

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