Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Day Worth It.

Did quite a number of desperately to be done tasks today!!

I finally sent two resumes! Not worth mentioning though since i shd got my butt going a month ago. Haha. I also finally managed to buy a decent pair of shoes. Finally i paid  in full the Batam trip that my mum has been so keen of (i miss the kueh lapis there!!).

Most importantly, however, i finally ate at my favourite Mee Goreng of all times from the Seah Im Hawker Centre. For those who do not know, go find out where the shit it is. I knew this stall since 1997, and have loved it for its moist mee, together with minute bits of mutton that i have not seen in any Mee Goreng in Singapore. Though the uncle is a bit grouchy (i can count the number of smiles for these 9 years patronage) and the standard of the Mee Goreng varies like recent weather, i will still trek to the centre for a bite of the marvellous mee.

The Stall Signage Selling the Mee Goreng

The Real Stuff!
Uncomparable! By My Standard. And i heard im not a very Particular Eater. Lol

Another worth noting event was tat i performed another literacy accomplishment! No, I din write a book, i just completed reading one in one day!! Call me speed writer, call me details blotter, anything u wana. But i did enjoy the book, though i will forget the details tomorrow. Haha.

The book name is Ellie by Lesley Pearse. The name of the book took after the main character in the novel and i read a few others by the same author, Charity, Camellia, Charlie, Rosie etc.

The Book That I Devoured In One Mere Day!
Two more, Tara and Georgia to go!!

One thing for guys and lesbians, the girls featured on the cover pages of Lesley Pearse novels are really hot!! The story line was always around the second world war period till the 60s, with the setting in United Kingdom.

Pearse's novels alway kept me awake, notwithstanding the sexual content (sometimes), but also the strong willed characters carved out in times of extreme conditions that was potrayed so realistically that you wish you evolved into one of the characters! I obviously will recommend this author because i fell in love with the character every time i start on a new Lesley Pearse novel.

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