Monday, May 15, 2006

Malaysia Boleh!

I am finally back in Singapore and am now facing some kinda lethargy.. I guess i din play enuff in KL. Furthermore, i am going to start on my job searching soon. Very sianz ah!! Anyway, a quick update on how Kuala Lumpur has changed all this while~~

My favourite topic and the utmost reason why i always go KL; the food there are cheap and good. My favourite place is as usual, the famous Kim-Gary restaurant!! I have to admit that the price has gone up somewhat and if you people ever go there, please go during lunch as there are more varieties and go for the set meal, its more worth it. Two of the dishes i have tried are discussed as follow:

HK Style Baked Rice with Cheese and Beef
I tried baked rice before and i felt that its unpalatable but this one stop me right at that outrageous statement! Not only was it cheessy , but the red sauce that goes with it and the tender beef that lined the baked rice made it looked too appealing. It tasted heavenly! The cheese striped off the beef like those adverts that we fondly remember of Pizza Hut's pizzas. It only cos me RM15.50 as a set and I give it 9/10.

Beef with Spaghetti in Red Sauce
One look at the amazing dish above and u will know how tentalising it is! I tasted it and almost flied out of the building. The sweet tangy red sauce, coupled with the piece of soft beef and the ever healthy tomatoes deter me from giving anything less than a rating of 10/10! It costs only RM12.50 as a set.

Weird Sight

One very weird way of selling is shown by the picture above. From one glance, we thought someone was selling tigers!! But the "tigers" turned out to be soft toys! Nonetheless, it attracted a lot of viewers like me, who din hesitate to take a pic or too. Lol.

Tats all folks~ Hopefully i will be going there again! I managed to purchase alot of car accessories!! Will post it in the next column!!


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