Sunday, April 30, 2006

Haji Maksah Barkat Chahya Food Stall

Dun be misled by the long name of this stall. The Nasi Lemak is recommended by Makansutra with 5 chop sticks rating!~! I saw e short queue so i just tried it! Despite having a cough (tat seemed to be getting more and more worse) and sore throat, i really cannot resist Nasi Lemak!! Anyway, i will decipher its ingredients!

  • Chilli - A great load was heaped onto my plate though i will prefer more rice. It tasted great to me since i prefer sweeter chilli!
  • Rice - Soft to my palate and smelt heavenly!!
  • Chicken Wing - I always prefer muslim chicken wings since they have a special tange to its taste but this was the best so far! The meat was fried to a crisp without the usual oiliness attached to it and its still hot to the mouth!! Yummy!! My favourite of all!
  • Omelette - Unlike those flat, dry almost skin thin omelette sold by most, this one looked more homely! Thicker with a more "meaty" feel to it!
Out of my 26 years savouring Nasi Lemak, i will say this is e best so far and its only @$2!!!! Go get it!! Its at Boon Lay Shopping Centre Hawker Centre!! Just go look for the one wif Makansutra logo!! Go Go Go!

Rating 10/10

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