Saturday, November 26, 2005

Anguished Hokkien Mee

Another day spent slacking at home playing Simcity 4. Believe me, every game is lame after you have played enough of them. The game is fantastic and fabulous but the time i wasted on it can be better make use of it. Anyway, i will play again tomorrow. Lol.

Supposed to accompany my mum to visit my grandpa (mum wanted me to be the driver). Anyway, before we reached our grandpa’s place at Lee Ah Mooi old folks home, my mum decided to buy hokkien mee and rojak for my grandpa. We happily drove to Sembawang Hills Hawker Ctr. I like this place for its offering of quite good food with even better price. 

The rojak was not bad but there was only a hokkien mee stall with a grouchy, unhappy, unsmiling, stingy, impatient boss!! Please excuse my language but CCB!!! Ask him how long do i need to wait. "Ready soon" was his answer and i waited for at least 10 more minutes!! And he didn't even ask me how much i wanted and assumed it's the higher priced $3 one!! KNN!! My grandpa 80 plus years old liao, how to eat $3!?!?!? ARGH!!!!!!!!

Unhappiness loomed inside me!! I cannot stand ppl like that leh… Not nice food and yet expected me to tahan the attitude!! I WUN buy from him again. Come beat me, torture me, SM me and i wouldn't budge from this declaration!

After the visit, i decided to eat hokkien mee at this hawker centre in Ang Mo Kio, near Presbyterian High. And it's a stark contrast with the service i had!! The food was so much better, though very little prawns. $3 a plate, same as that grouchy, attitude, unsmiling, unhappy, stingy bastard althought i have to admit gave more prawns and bigger prawns. BUT NO!! I wun go back there again!

A very very very big consolation was that the hokkien mee in AMK 600 had a soup base that was really "xiang tian" and the sotong was not over cooked, exuding simply softness. I think the difference from this to many other Hokkien Mee is that of the soup base and gravy. It tasted very different, with a certain sweetness in it that made the hokkien mee very tasty.

Obviously i cleaned up the plate. Lol.

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