Sunday, August 07, 2005

Crystal Jade Macau

This is a day overdue but i guess their food don't change over one day right? Haha. Anyway, i finally have a chance to eat at Crystal Jade's newest restaurant of a different theme, Macau.

By Macau, it means depicting food with a mix of a Portugese style that is different from the Cantonese style of the nearby Hong Kong island.

Here goes the review.

Special Combo
A dish that comprised of a lot of small dishes, machiam like an everything in one; grilled beef, grilled chicken, grilled pork, fried chicken wings and potato wedges.

My mum thought this dish sucked as it was too saltish!! But i personally think it's okay, edible but i will stop at that (which means, not very good lor). I especially hate the fried chicken wings. They tasted like re-used oil was used to fry the wings. 

At S$28.00, i think it's too expensive and not worth for that kind of taste.  
Rating - 4/10

Baked Rice
This dish was way better than the one above. Two plates were ordered: one with pork ribs and the other with a mixture of seafood cheese and pork.

Both were nice with thick cheese and a palatable reddish pork chop sauce. The only bad point was the stale looking pork ribs.

Costs around S$8.00 each.
Rating - 6.5/10

Pork Chop Bun
This was the best dish in the whole restaurant.

Basically it's like a hamburger but instead of a beef patty, you will find pork chop in between the buns. Cut in half, the bun was crispy and coupled with the sweet taste of the pork, it made for a refreshing taste i never had.

A bit on a high side at $5.90 for such a small bun.
Rating - 9.5/10

Boiled Eggs Custard
This is a dish not commonly seen in Singapore but fortunately, I tried it in Chinatown before. My friend, Weeyuan, called it Tan Tan (means egg egg i think) and i think it looked like soya beancurd with an eggy taste.

Just imagine a thicker and more solid custard cream and you will know what i meant. The one in Crystal Jade Macau was not bad but the egg taste was not strong enough.

Price: Cannot remember
Rating is 5/10 .


Tried other dishes but generally they were only okay. Frankly, i would not go back to this restaurant unless for the pork chop buns. I think Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao will still be my favourite haunt for now.

Besides Waffletown…..

Total cost - S$119.00

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