Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Manhattan Fish Market!!

Please do not be misled when you see this restaurant residing in the middle of Comic Connection and a Jap restaurant on the 6th level of Plaza Singapura, thinking it is an original from the one in America. It's more of a spinoff from Fish n Co and yet, the tastes were comparable and cheaper!!

Me and my NS (national service) friends (3 old kids) ordered a manhattan seafood platter for 2 and lemon mussels tat came with bread.

At first glance, you may thought the seafood platter looked familiar to the one in Fish N Co, but surprise surprise, it came with a big chunky piece of fried fish that tasted marvellous with the saucy fabulous mayonnise that came as a separate condiment.

Fyi, when the waiter served us e platter, he actually used a high powered flame burner to further crisp the prawns to a darker but yet more succulent color. Though the buring smell was unbearable at times but well, kind of a show for us! Lol.

Another original item was the potato-balls-lookalike, which was actually fried oysters! It tasted not as "fishy" as normal fresh oysters  and yet had a certain Q when you bit into it, oozing the oyster out of its fried "shell".

There were two things that you may find more tasteful in Fish N Co, firstly was the rice. The rice tasted quite normal and had in fact, a mushy feel and not as fragrant as the butter rice served by Fish N Co. In addition, although Manhattan Fish Market Seafood Platter offered fried calamari, the calamari was small and tasteless, machiam like eating some deep fried thingy without any knowledge of the taste. In this case, i will prefer the grilled calamari offered by Fish N Co; they gave more calamari and the size were bigger too!

Another dish we ordered was e lemon mussel with bread. We thought it will be just normal mussels on a plate but it actually came as a soupy combination. With the bread, it felt as if we were drinking soup instead of eating e mussels. But the taste was reli fantastic!! The slight tinge of lemon with the seafood taste of the mussels brought out the overall good combination! One regret though, there were only 3 pathetic mussels!! Wish there were more. Lol

All the above are of compliments of my NS doctor, who has now gone into private practice. Thanks Dr Oh or Edwin or Sir, watever. Lol

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