Sunday, May 08, 2005


Finally the Exams are Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippe!!!

Sorta of having a very relaxing time these few days driving around in my Toyota Corolla dunno how many years series. My dad's to be exact and I think it's around 20 years old!! And no AIR-CON!!! But good also lah, I activiely utilise the opened window to thank those drivers who gave way to a novice driver like me! haha.

But of course, I dun earn a lot!! So I dun have much money to go spending around!! I would wish to go Malaysia KL… Miss the food there and fucking miss the times I had there! Love Singapore of course but will love to go somewhere else to have fun and relax~ Beside, the stuff there cost much cheaper~ Not the branded goods though, just the food~ =P

Anyway, was pondering what to treat my sister for her birthday this coming 28th!! Still pondering now!! Would love to bring her to one night area in Kallang which serves food and has a tower for patrons to climb up and have a drink and/or meal; all the while relaxing and looking at the beautiful night life of Singapore.

BUT that weird sister of mine only eats lunch!! no dinner!! So no hope of going there. Sad… Another few choices are Mache, Sofra Turkish, Kuishin Bo.. I dunno!! Singapore is too full of food!!! Ever wonder how much food we eat each day! My guess is humongous!!

Anther busy day tomorrow!! Going out wif Alex for movie and maybe go jalan jalan, driving the old, non A-Con car!

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